MediPark Warsaw is a modern medical center dedicated primarily to the needs of young patients and their caregivers.

Our pride is a holistic approach to medical care and consistently high quality of our services. At MediPark, top experts in pediatric medicine, as well as specialist doctors for adults, are waiting for you. We accompany our patients from the first moments of life, through childhood, to adulthood. Our modern medical offices and world-class equipment allow us to undertake effective diagnostics and treatment methods. Thousands of patients have already trusted our professionalism. Join them! You are cordially invited!

Our medical center is distinguished by the highest quality services and an individual approach to each patient.

Comprehensive care for children and adults

We provide complete medical services that allow for an accurate diagnosis of our patients’ problems. We pride ourselves on cooperation with specialists in pediatric medicine and for adults.

Qualified staff and modern equipment

Our experienced and competent staff can treat more effectively thanks to access to the most modern medical equipment, well-equipped doctor’s offices, and laboratories.

Individual treatment path

We treat each patient individually and select treatment methods in a way that is most suited to a specific medical case. Combined with the comprehensiveness of services, this gives the best results.

Convenient location

Our medical center is located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district and has a parking lot for the individual use of our patients. The building has all amenities: elevators, waiting rooms with TV, rooms for children.

Why choose MediPark Warsaw Medical Center?

We provide comprehensive care for every patient – from diagnosis, through consultations with experts from various fields of medicine, to surgical procedures and psychological support.

Our services are aimed at both individual patients and entire families. In one place, we guarantee access to experienced pediatricians, internists, and specialists for every age group.

We emphasize innovative technologies and have unique diagnostic equipment, such as the “VyntusBody” lung function testing laboratory.

The qualifications and experience of our team are invaluable – many of our doctors are distinguished specialists, also working in reputable hospitals and medical centers.

We are distinguished by thoughtfully designed interiors with a friendly atmosphere for the youngest, spacious waiting rooms with a TV and a play area, as well as comfortable places for mother and child. Additionally, we provide a calm and convenient space for adult patients and seniors.

For children

We offer comprehensive health care aimed at the youngest. Our services are tailored to the needs of young patients at every stage of their development, from birth, through the first steps, the preschool and school period, to entering adult life. We make sure that every child has access to the best medical care regardless of age.


Maintain your dazzling smile and take care of your teeth’ health! We offer comprehensive dental care in modern, technologically advanced offices. Whether you need a routine check-up, treatment, or aesthetic improvement of your smile, our specialists are ready to meet your expectations and needs.

For adults

Are you looking for a medical center that will meet all your medical needs in one place? With us, it’s real! Don’t wait and sign up for an appointment with our experienced specialist doctors, who are experts in various areas of medicine. Our approach combines a variety of specializations with the comfort of comprehensive care. Discover the possibilities of MediPark Warsaw!


Looking for contraception, gynecological examinations, or specialized support? We provide comprehensive gynecological care for women at every stage of life – from adolescence, through puberty, to maturity. We offer services in diagnostics, gynecological treatment, and pregnancy management.

  • Medical packages

At MediPark, we focus on comprehensive medical care for the whole family. Our specialists have prepared medical packages for you and your loved ones that will perfectly meet your health needs. Our team of experienced doctors and therapists will take care of every family member to feel comfortable and safe during the visit.

  • Cardiology and Pulmonology at MediPark Warsaw

Disorders in the respiratory and circulatory systems can affect the proper functioning of the heart. Thanks to the combination of a modern cardiology and pulmonology laboratory in one place, we offer accurate diagnostics, the possibility of consultations with the best specialists, and the possibility of conducting broader examinations in various specialties. At MediPark Warsaw, we provide comprehensive medical services, which allows our patients to save both time and financial resources. Our priority is comprehensive care for health and a comprehensive, individual approach to each medical case.

  • Modern Cardiological and Pulmonological Examination Laboratory

In our specialized respiratory system diagnostics laboratory, we offer:

  • Plethysmography – enabling detailed analysis of lung capacity and identification of potential abnormalities in their function,
  • Spirometry – a test focusing on measuring the amount of air that a patient can inhale and exhale, enabling the assessment of lung function, detecting respiratory dysfunctions, and monitoring the effects of therapy,
  • Spirometry with a bronchodilator test – an enhanced version of spirometry, which after administering a bronchodilator drug, allows the assessment of lung response and the effectiveness of treatment.
  • DLCO – a method of diagnosing the lungs’ capacity to assimilate carbon monoxide. This process involves inhaling a low concentration of carbon monoxide and measuring its concentration in the exhaled air. This allows for the assessment of the condition of the alveoli and the recognition of conditions such as emphysema.
  • FENO test – measuring the concentration of nitric oxide in the exhaled air, used for diagnosing allergic conditions. An increased concentration of nitric oxide may indicate an impending asthma attack, even if the classical spirometry does not show abnormalities.
  • FOT (Forced Oscillation Technique) – a method assessing the resistance and elasticity of the lungs. It is characterized by greater precision than spirometry in assessing the reaction to drugs and is particularly useful for children and those who have difficulty with traditional spirometry testing.

MediPark Warsaw is one of the few places in Poland where such comprehensive diagnostics of the respiratory system is available.



Our versatile team consists of experts from various fields who will guide you from diagnosis to comprehensive and effective therapy.



Comprehensive treatment and an individual approach to each patient. An interdisciplinary, experienced team of specialists is our greatest pride.


years of operation

The health of our patients is our priority! We focus on providing top-class medical services, thanks to our knowledge and experience.



Thousands of patients have entrusted their health to us. Most important for us is to provide effective treatment in an atmosphere that builds a sense of comfort and safety.


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