Diagnostics and Therapy Centre Children – MediPark is the first private medical facility created only for the youngest patients. We offer comprehensive services in both, diagnosis and treatment of children from the moment of their birth.

In MediPark we have created a unique place. In a friendly atmosphere, unhurried Parents get answers to their questions, and the little patients are cared for by the best specialists in pediatric medicine.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive medical care for Children in a friendly environment.
  • We believe that prevention, diagnosis and treatment in early development give children a chance for health and proper  development.
  • We believe that it is easier to prevent than cure, which is why in the heart of Mokotów we have created a place where children from the first days of their life will be covered by preventive care and support in their development.
  • We know how much fear and doubt the parents have, watching the development of their child. Tormented by questions, if everything is in order. After all, they want their children to be healthy and full of energy. In MediPark each parent will receive from our experts the answers to all this bothering questions.

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