An orthopedist conducts consultations and provides complex care connected with recognition and treatment of disorders of function and structure of the musculoskeletal system, resulting from congenital or acquired defects, injuries or diseases.

An orthopedist provides diagnosis and treatment of:

  • postural defects,
  • flatfoot,
  • knock knees,
  • bowleg,
  • incorrect walking,
  • post-traumatic bone conditions.

In MediPark, we perform treatments with botulinum toxin – the so-called Botox. It is a neurotoxin, the operation of which is based on blocking nerve impulses to the muscle to which it was injected. It prevents contractions of these muscles resulting in a reduction of spasticity.

It is used inter alia in the treatment of patients with infant cerebral palsy, using a multi-level botulinum toxin formulas injections and and in the treatment of wrist and hand spasticity in adult patients after strokes.




Grażyna Szymańska-Poksińska

1st and 2nd Degree Specialist in medical rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults.

Deputy Head of the Mazovian Centre of Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation for Children and Youth in Zagórze near Warsaw.


Waldemar Przybysz

Orthopedics and Children Traumatology Specialist

Employee of the Clinic of Orthopedics and Children Traumatology of Prof. Adam Gruca Autonomous Public Clinical Hospital.

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