Medical specialist who is concerned with childhood diseases, childcare and child’s development.

The indirect task of the pediatrician is to raise the medical  awareness of young patients and their parents. A child who, from an early age, is influenced by a good doctor, in addition to health in adolescence, develops proper approach to treatment at a later age.



Prof. nadzw. dr hab.

Konrad Kamil Hozyasz

2nd Degree Specialist in pediatrics and gastroenterology. Head of the Pediatric Clinical Hospital of the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw.

Consultancy in the field of chronic respiratory diseases, children nutrition, diarrheas, stomachaches, allergies and food intolerance, lack of appetite, nutritional disorders.


Joanna Gzik

Specialist paediatrician. Member of the Polish Society of Clinical Homeopathy.

Paediatrician with many years of clinical experience and great successes in health prevention of children.


Małgorzata Pac

2nd Degree Specialistin paediatrics and clinical immunology. Deputy Head of the Department of Immunology of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute.

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