EEG test is an essential test in diagnostics and monitoring of epilepsy treatment.

It also helps to diagnose and differentiate other conditions in children, such as:

  • autism,
  • conditions after head injuries,
  • neuroses.

It is also necessary at:

  • qualification for extreme sports,
  • qualification for biofeedback,
  • qualification for vaccines in children from the perinatal risk group.

At MediPark, we perform EEG tests:

  • in wakefulness,
  • in sleep,
  • in nocturnal sleep.

Video EEG in sleep and in vigil

In MediPark there is also a possibility to perform the EEG video test, which involves simultaneous registration of EEG and behavior of the patient using  video image. It’s used in:

  • diagnosis of epilepsy (particularly drug-resistant)
  • in the differentiation of paroxysmal states niepadaczowych, particularly often occurring in children (eg .: tics, myoclonus, seizures affective apnea,   masturbation)
  • in the diagnosis of seizure episodes during sleep (e.g. .: night drugs, myoclonus)
  • in monitoring the treatment of epilepsy, to make sure that the attacks do not occur.

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