An oncologist is occupied with prevention, recognition and treatment of cancerous diseases.

Visit an oncologist if the following symptoms appear:

  • chronic fever of unknown origin,
  • quick weight loss in a person who is not on a diet,
  • bleeding from the digestive tract or other parts of the body with unknown etiology,
  • chronic constipations and diarrheas,
  • persistent hoarseness unrelated with an infection,
  • loss of appetite,
  • chronic fatigue, lack of strength,
  • shortness of breath,
  • tumor palpable through skin,
  • enlarged lymph nodes, unrelated to infection,
  • anemia in laboratory tests, despite previous supplementation with iron,
  • recurrent infections of a system/organ occupied by a tumor,
  • pain,
  • liquid accumulating in body cavities (as revealed by image diagnostics).




Katarzyna Bilska

Specialist paediatrician in the field of rehabilitation medicine and paediatric oncology.

Employee of the Department of Children and Youth Surgical Oncology and the Department of Therapeutic Rehabilitation at the Mother and Child Institute.


Andrzej Szafrański

Specialist surgeon and paediatric oncologist. A long-time employee of the Department of Oncologic Surgery of Children and Adolescents of the Institute of Mother and Child.


Anna Wakulińska

1ST and 2nd Degree Specialist in pediatricand hematology and oncology of children

Employee of Oncology Institute “Child Health Memorial Centre”.

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