A new direction in diagnosis and rehabilitation of children with central nervous system dysfunctions. You should take an interest in the Sensory Integration Method if your child has some of the following problems:

  • is excessively sensitive to touch, sudden movement, sound, visual stimulus, or such sensitivity is too low,
  • the child’s level of activity is alarmingly high or low,
  • is easily distracted,
  • is impulsive, often loses self-control and has difficulties with calming down,
  • has emotional problems and/or difficulties in social contacts,
  • has poor motor fitness compared with peers, is clumsy, often falls down, drops objects,
  • has retarded speech development with regard to articulation or/and vocabulary,
  • cannot perform various activities easily coped with by most children of the same age,
  • such as dressing, drawing, building of blocks,
  • has difficulties with learning of school techniques, especially reading and writing.



Anna Ostasz

Psychologist, completed a 5-year postgraduate course in psychotherapy, certified by the Scientific Section of Psychotherapy of the Polish Psychiatric Society, graduate of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Pedagogy. Graduate of the Mazovian School of Family Mediation.

Qualified for diagnosis, planning and conduct of the sensory integration therapy. Occupied with children’s developmental disorders, consultation for children, assessment of intellectual and emotional maturity, therapy of children and psychotherapy of adults. Conducts psychological tests.


Anna Kaczmarczyk

Master’s degree in special education. Junior assistant in the Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation IP IHC. Diagnosis and therapy using the Sensory Integration method. Treatment of children with autistic disorders.


Monika Majcher

Certified therapist of Sensory Integration at I and II degree.

Master of education in direction of general education. Specialty: socio-cultural animation.

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