chirurg dziecięcy, polecany chirurg dziecięcy warszawa

Visit a surgeon for:

  • diagnozowania i prowadzenia leczenia przepuklin
  • diagnosis and treatment of hernias,
  • diagnosis and treatment of retractile and undescended testes,
  • diagnosis and treatment of reproductive organ disorders, such as foreskin adhesion, labial adhesion,
  • treatment of umbilical infections,
  • residual umbilicus and diagnosis of umbilical hernia,
  • treatment of constipations and fissures of rectal mucosa, resulting from constipations,
  • removal of foreign bodies under regional an aesthesia,
  • removal of ticks,
  • in grown nail treatment,
  • treatment of poorly healing wounds.




Andrzej Szafrański

Specialist surgeon and paediatric oncologist. A long-time employee of the Department of Oncologic Surgery of Children and Adolescents of the Institute of Mother and Child.


Karina Felberg

Specjalista chirurg dziecięcy.
Pracownik Instytutu „Pomnik-Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka”.
Przeprowadza konsultacje w zakresie chirurgii-urologii.


Stanisław Warchoł

2nd Degree Specialist in paediatric surgery and specialist paediatric urologist.

Deputy Head of the Clinical Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology and Paediatrics of the Independent Public Paediatric Clinical Hospital in Warsaw.

Member of the Polish Association of Paediatric Surgeons (currently, President of the Warsaw Branch of the Association), the Polish Association of Paediatric Urology, the Polish Association of Paediatric Nephrology, as well as the Baltic Association of Paediatric

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