We perform USG tests to both children and adults. In our colourful room, we perform:
  • heart (echocardiography)
  • prostate
  • abdominal
  • testicles
  • larynx
  • pelvic cavity
  • wrist
  • kidney
  • joint (knee, elbow, shoulder, ankle)
  • fontanel area
  • hand (fingers and wrist)
  • neonatal hip

  • feet
  • neck
  • thyroid
  • soft tissue
  • urinary tract
  • salivary glands
Doppler ultrasonography of:
  • lower limbs,
  • kidneys,
  • carotid arteries,
  • urinary system,
  • liver.


The doctor is concerned with observing human body, using x-ray (conventional radiography, computed tomography, angiography), the magnetic field – nuclear magnetic resonance tomography and ultrasound.

The ultrasound allows visualization of the internal structures of the body, without performing surgery and without administration of contrast medium. The ultrasonography is one of the non-invasive detection methods of pathological changes in organs without administration of contrast medium. This method allows the evaluation of the shape, size and position of the organs or anatomical space, the surface and the interior of the organ.



Michał Brzewski

2nd Degree Specialist in radiology.

Head of the Unit of Paediatric Radiology of the Independent Public Paediatric Clinical Hospital in Warsaw.

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