A therapist conducting corrective gymnastics performs exercises intended to correct posture defects through use of well selected therapeutic methods.

The most common problems treated by a corrective gymnastics therapist are:

  • round back, or hunched posture,
  • swayback, or lumbar hyper lordosis,
  • round-concave back,
  • lateral spine curve – scoliosis,
  • knock knees or bowleg,
  • flatfoot.



Małgorzata Barcikowska

Master of Physiotherapy A certified therapist of “Comprehensive diagnostics and therapy of postural problems and scoliosis by the concept of “FITS” (Functional Individual Therapy of Scoliosis).

  • Assessment of the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents,
  • comprehensive diagnostics and therapy postural problems and scoliosis by the concept of “FITS”
  • Rehabilitation of neurological and orthopaedic disorders in children with the use of PNF, neuromobilization therapy, manual therapy, Medical Taping.
  • Physiotherapy

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